Double White 64×101, double glass


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The “Double” frame is, as the name implies, double face, as it has the double glass front/back so as to show on both sides the exposed mesh inside. In addition, there is a specially designed hanger to hang the shirt, which remains so ‘well stretched and not creased. It is suitable for displaying every types, T-shirt, long-sleeved shirt or by selecting the appropriate hanger also for sleeveless shirts. It can be easily opened and closed as often as necessary.

The frame is made of fir wood, and the glass is 3 mm thick..

The front cover is made of 3 mm thick glass.

The weight in about 11,5 kg.

The external dimensions are 64 x 101 cm.

The supply includes, in addition to the frame itself, the internal hanger and the material for hanging it on the wall (hook, dowels and screws).

If You prefer other colors or sizes, customize it with our configurator by clicking on Create your own frame

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The “Double” frame is a particular frame for knitting, in fact as well as having a special inner hanger to hang the shirt to expose, it also has the double glass front/back that allows you to see it in double face even after it has been inserted inside.

The mesh is not compressed between the two glasses, but remains spaced, therefore the prints that are usually present are better safeguarded.

The frame has fir wood profiles and is painted with water-based paints: framing the shirt is easy, as the opening/closing is very simple and can be done whenever needed.

Together with the frame you will also find the necessary hook to hang it (dowels and screws).

The shirt displayed inside the frame is not for sale

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Weight 21 kg


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