Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our frames and configuration options.

Be sure to choose your best option using our step-by-step creation process.

You can also read this simple tutorial, whit all the steps are deeply explained.

Do you have some double glass frame?

Sure. Frames with front-and-back glass are:

Which are the appropriate colors for a A.S. Roma shirt frame?

Basic colors for a A.S. Roma shirt are amaranth Ral 3005, dark yellow NCS/S 1080-Y30R

Once the order is made, how long does it usually take to get it?

Usually the frame is sent in 48 hours, then it takes a working day to the courier BRT for delivery (2 for the islands). Delivery times can be different outside Italy.

Is it simple to insert the shirt into the Double frame?

All our models are easy to open and close, and inserting the shirts is just as easy; these operations can be done as often as you want.

What is the difference between “GlassWood” and “Double”?

They both have the inner hanger, and dimensions are the same too.

  • Glasswood has only one panel (in plexi or glass) on the front, and a padded backrest on the back
  • Double has a double panel (in plexi or glass) both on front and back
How can I hang your frames on the wall?

All our frames are provided with all you need to hang them:

  • hook
  • dowel
  • screws
I have a shirt size S by Adidas and I like the frame with the inner hanger, how can I buy the right size?

To avoid the risk of buying a frame that is too short, long or narrow, it is best to take the size of the shoulders and the length from the neckline behind the bottom of the shirt.
When the size of the frame is chosen, a schematic drawing will appear on the site indicating the maximum size that the shirt must have to be stretched out without being wrapped around the bottom.

I would like to buy one of your frames with a hanger, but I need it lacquered in a particular color. Can I request it? Can you do it for me?

On demand we can lacquer all our frames in any shade, as long as the color is part of the universal folders RAL or NCS.There will be a small surcharge of € 5.00 per variant. When ordering you can enter a note indicating the number of color you need.

I would like to hang my shirt inside the "GlassWood" frame by showing the side with the number instead of the front part. Can I do that?

Of course, you can hang the jersey with the front or the back in view, regardless of whether you want to hang it on the front or on the back. This applies to all our frames with internal hangers.

Is the anti-scratch panel also used to make the background of the painting coloured when the wall is white ? In my case, not having taken it, I will have the background of the wall, having choosen a Double frame?

Exactly, this panel covered with fabric is useful because it protects from the contact between frame and wall and therefore from abrasions, as well as colouring the background giving the right colour contrast.

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